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Washed Ashore

A traveller adrift

13 June
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Hi. I'm Max, founder of the Æon Society. Fabulous secrets were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said...

No, wait. Let me start over.

I'm Max. Maxwell Anderson Mercer is the name written on my patents and other legal documents, but to most of the world I am simply Max. I was born on the same date as the birth and ten years after the death of physicist James Clark Maxwell, after whom I am named.

Yes, that would make me more than 115 years old. I'm getting to that.

My parents were somewhat prophetic in naming me after Maxwell. I was a bright child, and always had a sort of love affair with science and adventure. My parents being who they were, I had the financial wherewithal to do anything I wanted. My parents being who they were also possibly had something to do with me being invited to a scientific demonstration.

It was 1922, and I was to witness a demonstration by a Dr. Sir Calvin Hammersmith, demonstrating his new telluric engine. If the engine worked, it would extract energy from the "nothing" of empty space, as predicted by Albert Einstein.

It didn't work.

The resulting explosion imbued me and several others with certain powers. The strange energy which was released by the device did the same to people all over the world, although only those of us present at the explosion received the more amazing abilities. Some were gifted with mental powers beyond imagining. Some were imbued with physical skills only seen in myth and legend. Some were gifted with extreme luck.

Me? I travel through time.

Initially, I was only able to travel to periods where there was an influx of telluric energy — what later scientists would call quantum and psi energies. The original Hammersmith explosion. The battle in 1943 that ended the Æon Society's golden age. An eruption of the new gods in 1998. The end of a war against these gods in 2061. And finally, an explosion of quantum/psi energies in 2122.

When I was originally doing my travelling, I felt some strain when I arrived at 2122. Uncertain what it was, I decided to revisit the incident sometime later on in my own Yet. Decades later, I did. I lived through it. But I felt something odd... like a tree branching out. One seemed to lead to a timeline nearly identical to the one I was in. The other was completely different.

This new timeline was strangely different, and yet oddly the same. However, I sensed the unmistakeable presence of my old friend Michael. This space did not have the same feel as Michael's own Personal Continuum, built as it was to its creators tastes. Yet he was there nonetheless. Was he responsible for the 2122 explosion? Dare I follow?

I did.

Now I'm here. It's 2005, and there are no other incidents of telluric energy in this timeline for me to anchor myself to. I feel like a shipwrecked sailor, cast adrift on some foreign shore. So I follow the only reasonable course of action: find Michael.